Admlithi 4UYET

…takes traditional incantations for a thoughtful walk along the modern hillsides & pensive
lowlands. The composition takes cues from a predominately electronic aesthetic where Admlithi
provides sustained echoes of feeling & thought that hover between story
book lullabies & audio flashes of pop futurism. The emotion provoking synths underscores the softened pace setting rhythm machines that tie together all the other effect elements that appear within the ambient framework of “4UYET”. The artist expresses a romantic sense of longing that sends out a sincere song to the surrounding countryside that utilizes the electro components in such a grandiosity that it makes ultimately for a symphonic effect. “4UYET” contains the caliber of track that contains a versatility suited for both the commencing scenes of en epic motion picture to bookending it with a reprise during the credit cue conclusion. Admlithi brings a bit of Aberdeenshire into our own collective worlds with a song designed for long thoughtful walks in our own communities in search of requited heartfelt discoveries & exchanges. Goldmine Sacks – Impose Magazine.


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