Ali and Billy Strange are cousins from Glasgow’s East End. Together they are Acting Strange. Despite their name, there is little ‘acting’ or pretence emanating from the duo. Making raw lo-fi guitar music but never deviating too far from their pop sensibilities – the pair embody the spark of a young Lee Mavers and the more playful (less heroin-y) Velvets tracks.

On the 8th September their debut EP “Night On Tiles”. The EP was well received critically.

DIY ….“Like Foxygen without the ‘is this for real’ lark, they bring a sense of nostalgia that feels rich on its own terms, inventive enough to suggest something new. Plus, it clatters and clangs like all of rock ’n roll’s heroes”…..

NEU/DIY  ….“This is very ramshackle / very exciting.”

Clash Music …“Raw, lo-fi approach which strips their writing down to its bare essence. Imagine those early La’s demos or even Lou Reed supplanted to one of Scotland’s most deprived areas -two songwriters with a knack for both noise and melody.”

Line Of The Best Fit…. “Breezy acoustic refrains meet enticingly tropical electric riffs and echoing vocals. Infusing elements of the psychedelic into their mix, Acting Strangedrift towards the exotic with a fond nostalgia: a potent getaway from the song’shaunting lyrics. “

Impose Magazine …“Acting Strange is here to help the alienated feel like it’s okay to feel and act a bit strange and out of place in a world that champions impatient and intolerant conformity and public shaming as the acceptable approach to appropriated bullying. Hell, Acting Strange might be here to save our sorry souls after all.”

Konbini…. “Childish kind of chorus Adam Green would probably enjoy and has a powerfully joyful vibe that leaves you with the kind of smile you get when you walk by the beach, a bit drunk.”


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