Mark McGowan

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The first thing you notice when listening to Mark McGowan is the power and timbre of his neo-Soul voice.

A voice that keeps one ear firmly in working class Glasgow, yet transports the other to the Greenwich Village folk scene of the early 60’s. McGowan’s intricate picking style and storytelling developed from an early age and became the tools for him to express himself. 

On the 13th of May 2016 Mark releasedThe ‘Fugazi’ EP and brought a diverse collection of influence to the table, with Barne Society producer Marco Rea (who has worked with BMX Bandits & Emeli Sande), creating a contemporary texture as the backdrop to McGowan’s tales of outlaw’s, regret, revenge and romance. Tracks ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Fugazi’ display the essence of Mark McGowan’s style with their bittersweet images being painted over circular picking patterns.  

Built on a hypnotic guitar figure and hooky chant ‘Hot Coals’ maintains the vivid romantic imagery that coloured McGowan’s previous releases, while at the same time distilling his strengths in a more direct, contemporary setting. Fans of McGowan will be pleased to hear his knack for storytelling and unmistakeable vocal timbre are still very much at the forefront.

Hot Coals was helped brought to life by producer Rick Webster who has worked with the likes of James, Unkle Bob and Breakfest Muff .


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